The Gavi Full Country Evaluations are a partnership of evaluators and researchers based in Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, and the USA. We are funded by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. At PATH, our small but mighty team brings expertise related to large, complex evaluations of health policies, systems, and interventions. We thrive on complexity!

Our team


Emily Carnahan

Emily Carnahan is a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at PATH. Emily enjoys drawing on mixed methods to come up with innovative, effective, and efficient ways to integrate M&E into a diverse set of projects.


Nicole Salisbury

Nicole Salisbury is a health systems program officer at PATH.  Nicole holds a PhD in political science and her interests include political, political economy and policy analysis.   


Jessica Shearer

Jessica Shearer is a Senior Technical Officer and PATH’s principle investigator on the Gavi FCE. With a PhD in Health Policy her passions include policy analysis, complex systems thinking, and evidence-informed decision-making.